Spring Quarter Class

Arts & Crafts with Poetry

For the next ten classes, we’ll explore the history of 10 topics, and their connection with poetry, music, and art.

The objectives for this class are as follows:

  • The students will be able to talk about how art is present around them, in everyday objects we take for granted, in songs, games, clothing, homes.
  • They will be able to recognize several art pieces, art movements, and several artists (Braque, Picasso, Grandma Moses, Rockwell, Calder…)
  • They will have a more concrete understanding of these concepts by recreating some of the art and artifacts presented in class.
  • They will learn some poems and songs.

NEEDED MATERIALS: I would like to ask, please, that your child comes to each class equipped with scissors, markers, color pencils, pencil, pen, eraser, sharpener, glue-stick, and tape, as we will use those regularly.
I will provide the students with a notebook, and with the extra materials for each special project.

I will provide the students with a composition notebook where they will write a quote at the beginning of each class.

The topics are listed on this table. In red, there’s some items recommended for the students to bring to class.

Jan 17 1. COLLAGE: GEORGE BRAQUE AND PABLO PICASSO The students will decorate their provided notebooks with a collage.
Bring some paper to make your collage. Don’t forget scissors and glue.
Jan 24 2. GARLANDS: what are they? history and uses. The students will make their own banners.
Don’t forget your scissors, glue, markers, and if you wish, your favorite ribbon for your banner.
Feb 7 3. BATONS: different kinds and uses. The students will make one baton.
Bring some crafting tissue paper if you wish. Don’t forget your scissors and glue.
Feb 14 4. SHANTIES AND FOLK SONGS. We will be exploring a few of those, and singing.
Feb 21 5. FOLK ART: GRANDMA MOSES: we will learn about her. The students will make their own WEATHER VANES
March 14 6. NORMAN ROCKWELL: HIS FOUR FREEDOM SERIES We will learn about Rockwell and look at his paintings for his freedom series.
March 21 7. WRITING IMPLEMENTS: the history of our writing tools. Students will practice writing with different kinds of writing tools.
Bring your favorite pens, pencils, and writing tools.
The history of board games.
The students will make their own mancala, and play it in class.
Bring some masking tape to class, and you will need your scissors.
The mobile inventor.
Students will make their own mobile.
We will use cardstock, thumbtacks, clips, and pipe cleaning wires. If you have any of those, you can bring them.
April 18 10. HEADGEAR. History and uses of headgear.. Come to class wearing your favorite headgear
Students will draw their favorite headpieces.

The students are expected to:

  • Listen to the presentation of each topic respectfully
  • Participate in the discussion of each class topic
  • Write notes in their provided notebooks
  • Work on each lesson’s craft by themselves
  • Participate reciting poems and singing
  • Come to class READY with their supplies
  • Read the short additional information I send between classes

I am looking forward to this class!



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