Grand Canyon, Day 4 Homework

 The Grand Canyon, impossible to explain or to convey in words or pictures.


Grand Canyon is in the northwest corner of Arizona, close to the borders of Utah and Nevada. The Colorado River, which flows through the canyon, drains water from seven states, but the feature we know as Grand Canyon is entirely in Arizona.



The homework for October 18th was to find out what TCP stands for and what it is. I’ll answer the question here, but before that, I’d like to add some pictures and information to today’s lesson.


Francisco Vazquez de Coronado, born in Salamanca, Spain, was sent by the Viceroy of Mexico to explore the New World and find the gold they thought existed in the American territory.

But it was García López de Cárdenas, a Spanish conquistador, who was the first European to see the Grand Canyon, since Coronado sent him and a few men ahead of the expedition.

Cárdenas’ men tried to go down the Canyon to the Colorado river, but they couldn’t. From the top of the canyon, things look big but not as big as they are. A few feet down, the men reported that the pinnacles. which looked as tall as men from the distance, were in reality as high as the tower of the cathedral in Seville (photo above).


The Bright Angel Trail, gave name to the book and movie Brighty of the Grand Canyon.


Originally named “Bright Angel” after a creek that flowed into the Grand Canyon from his summer dwelling on the North Rim, Brighty spent summers carrying water from a spring below the rim to accommodate tourists coming to the Canyon. He was gentle and popular with children.

This is a link to an album of the Silver Bridge. And a video below:

Brighty was the first to cross the suspension bridge built over the Colorado River at the base of the canyon, having assisted with building of the structure. The burro accompanied U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt while he hunted mountain lions.

This other video is of people hiking along the Bright Angel Trail.

And now the homework question, what does TCP stand for?
Trans Colorado Pipes.
In 1965, a system of pipes was built at the Grand Canyon. You can click here to see the full album.
A more recent image, and an album with more.
October 17th last year, the pipes underwent a renovation. 

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